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Russell Kiwi Protection is an environmental initiative for the community by the community. There are many ways in which you can help, every single one would make a difference. From volunteering, to buying a kiwi nesting box, or even just permitting trapping to be conducted on your land. The local biodiversity needs your help to thrive. 

Ways You Can Help

Bird Feeders

Putting up a bird feeding station is a good way to attract native birds to your garden.  Sugar-water feeders will attract nectar-feeders like the beautiful tui and cute silvereyes/waxeyes.

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Kiwi Nest Boxes

A nest box deters predators and gives vulnerable eggs and chicks extra protection from the weather. One can be placed on your land for only $80.

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Russell Kiwi Protection maintains its own predator control network and we encourage and support landowners to do predator control on their properties.  We can provide you with the advice you need to get started and make a difference or we can organise a program for you.

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Become a Sponsor

Sponsoring a trap is an easy way to get involved, our rat traps are $100/year with servicing, and our double stoat traps are $150/year.

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Control Your Pets

Unfortunately nationally 95% of kiwi chicks are killed in their first year and far too often in Northland adult kiwi are killed by dogs, and roaming cats.  Keeping your pets under control at all times will make a massive difference for the local endagered species.

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With support from our community, visitors who come to this wonderful place and anybody who cares about kiwi, we can double the kiwi population on the Russell Peninsula. Your donation will make difference!

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How Donations Are Used

Every dollar donated is put to good use, whether it be building new trap boxes, kiwi nesting boxes, ordering traps or paying our local contractors who maintain it all, it does not go to waste.