The Project


Our Goal

Our aim is to protect kiwi and other wildlife on the Russell Peninsula.  We do this by controlling the introduced predators that kill kiwi and by improving the health of our native forests and wetlands.  This work can only continue with the help of the people in the community and those who visit this beautiful place. 

Our Achievements 


Intensively trapped for stoats, one of the most harmful predators to the Brown Kiwi chicks as they kill 95% of them.


Estimated in the area, up from 500 in 2016 when Russell Kiwi Protection began.


Participating in the protection project by enabling pest control operations on their land.


Are working hard to do all of the trapping contracted by Russell Landcare Trust.

Volunteers & Contributors

Helping with trapping, annual kiwi call counts, building trap boxes, kiwi nest boxes and native species planting.


Great organisations that help us work on amazing projects in the community.


Of high value habitat is being intensively controlled for rats on both private and public lands.


Of dedicated volunteers under Russell Landcare trust, making this community a better place.

Russell Kiwi Protection

Russell Kiwi Protection Trapping area as of 2021

Get Involved

Stoat and Rat Control

Without predator control stoats will kill 95% of kiwi chicks.  To reduce this we have lines of traps running across the Russell Peninsula, from coast to coast, in a pattern that maximises the chance of catching stoats.  Each trap is checked at least once a month by a professional trapper and all ‘catches’ are recorded so we can follow trends in pest numbers and assess the effectiveness of the project.  

Rats eat fruit, seeds, invertebrates, reptiles and small birds. To give teh forest a chance and ensure there is food for kiwi birds, rats need to be controlled. Rat control is much more labour-intensive and costly than mustelid control, since a rat’s territory is very small. This means more densely set up traps are required. Russell Kiwi Protection has the skills and experience to help landowners plan their own rat-control program, or do it for them.

Our Future Goals

Stoat Control

To be increased from 2000 hectares to 3000 hectares



Make the Russell Peninsula possum-free by using the latest ZIP technology (Zero Invasive Pests Organisation)


Enable and encourage even more landowners to become involved with predator control on their properties.

Species Re-introduction

Apply for popokatea (whiteheads) and/or toutouwai (North Island robins) to be translocated to the “Russell Eco-Sanctuary”

Kiwi Population

Keep increasing the current population from the original estimated 550 to 1500 birds.



Our funding comes from private landowners, public donations, the Northland Regional Council, Save the Kiwi, the Department of Conservation, and Foundation North. Our wonderful volunteers donate us their time, energy and skills. If you’re interested in donating, don’t hesitate to reach out. Every donation makes a huge difference and is greatly appreciated.